ForceDouce is an Association which uses sailing as an educational tool and as an instrument of social inclusion for young people facing psychological, medical or social difficulties


The mission of ForceDouce is to manage to adapt this fantastic tool which is sailing to completely different difficulties. These can be physical, social or mental and it the reason why it makes the work even more interesting, improvable and a permanent challenge.


ForceDouce is a non-profit making association functioning with its board and two employees. It has been created in 1995 by its current Director. Every year, it gives the opportunity to more than 100 young people facing several difficulties in their lives, to get to taste the pleasure of sailing.
Its method is a progressive one. The basic training is firstly very securely realized on protected water plans, and then it moves to coastal sailings. The following step leads to competitions and finally to the realization of more specific projects in terms of accomplishments like Transatlantic crossings.

General information

The practice of sailing is used as an educational tool for the benefit of different types of public. ForceDouce offers its services to other associations targeting social insertion, team spirit, self-fulfillment of free and autonomous individuals or even the surpassing of oneself.

Contact infos

Philippe Pirard
Phone: +32475/36.17.68


Director Assistant
Timothée Froment
Phone: +32497/31.26.28


"Repousser ses limites, sans jamais les franchir"