ForceDouce was born in 1995, along the years it has developped to become a recognized association in the social care area.

It uses sailing as a tool to promote responsabilitation and adaptation through different handicaps.

Through out the three human dimensions: social, physical and mental.

Young people

ForceDouce is a non-profit association, based in Belgium (Brussels). It targets the personal development of young people facing physical, mental or social difficulties.

The partners of ForceDouce are working in different domains of health, of protection and support to youth. The association is sailing with more than 100 young people per year.

In doing so, the young people are able to discover their own internal riches, to share these and to learn to live together while trimming the sails that will help them in finding their own course.

ForceDouce believes that Sea

can contribute to magnificent life lessons

for young people”

Travelers in the Wind: 

Some crew members of ForceDouce have now become masters, or almost have…!

This second generation mentors other young people, creates other nautical projects and events (evenings, BBQs, etc). It ensures the future of ForceDouce

“Travelers in the Wind” – « Les Passagers du Vent » was born in August 2011. These young people have committed themselves in the long term; they are internally rich and full of refreshing enthusiasm!


Sport sailing highlights other kinds of human relationships. Competition is a way to transcend and to look for, deep inside oneself, the good energies to confront the much strength of sea and life. It gives the opportunity to each participant to evaluate himself and to choose accessible targets in the framework of a real project well built up and well framed.

ForceDouce is based on values like solidarity and team spirit to favor the social insertion of young people marked by life.


ForceDouce has developed a progressive method.

To start with, the young people are taken on small embarkations, on protected water plans and for short sailing times.

Then, they can participate to trainings during the week-ends and/or school holidays on bigger boats at sea.

They also participate to regattas and to other events organized all the yearlong.

The approaching method towards the different addressed handicaps has been refined thanks to the permanent training of the several practitioners (physiotherapists, nurses, social workers, educators, etc.) and thanks to all the persons willing to bring their own human riches.

The quality of the tool is widely recognized by different actors working in the field of health, protection and support to youth and consequently, the demand for the services offered by ForceDouce is growing more and more.

Technical means

Boats :

  • 1 Jod35 (10,60m long boat)
  • 4 Caravels
  • 2 Lasers
  • 1 Musketeer and 1 Corsair, under rehabilitation
  • 1 Néo495 (boat adapted for sensorial and mobility disabilities)

Bases :

ForceDouce is a member of nautical clubs:

  • Protected water plans
    • WSKLuM (“WaterSportKring van de LuchtMacht” /Vilvoorde  not far from Brussels in Belgium)
    • … and soon SNEH («  Sports Nautiques de l’Eau d’Heure » in Wallonia/Belgium)
  • Sea
    • KYCN (« Koninklijke Yacht Club Nieuwpoort » in Belgium)
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Digital StillCamera


The young people are supervised by qualified mariners, specialized educators and a medical team adapted to each handicap.


The skippers and co-skippers have patents issued by:

  • UCPA
  • Yachtman
  • Yacht navigator
  • Glénans sailing school

We also require a first aid patent, a survival training recognized by ISAF and a VHF patent.

And, especially high human qualities.

Therapeutic and educational

The young people are very well supervised:

  • by a therapeutic or paramedical staff (from ForceDouce) depending on the young person’s problem
  • by specialized educators (from ForceDouce)
  • by the educators and/or therapists of the associations

ForceDouce also participates :

  • to the training of specialized educators by teaching the students of Parnasse High School
  • to the training of the benevolent people : training to hearing, training of educators, training in animation…
  • to the development of a therapeutic activity report that continuously contributes to the evolution of the method used by the association


  • ABD : Association Belge du Diabète (Belgian Diabetes Association)
  • Color’Ados : Service d’aide aux jeunes et aux familles (Service of support to youth and families)
  • Dynamo : Service d’aide aux jeunes en milieu ouvert – Bruxelles (Service supporting young people in open environment)
  • Ensemble Pas à Pas : Association d’aide morale aux enfants
    atteints d’un cancer et leurs familles (Association of moral support to children with cancer and to their family)
  • IRSA: Institut Royal pour Sourds et Aveugle (Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind people)
  • IRAHM: Institut Royal pour le Handicap Moteur (Royal Institute for motor handicap)
  • IPPJ: Instituts Publics de Protection de la Jeunesse (Public Institutes for the Protection of Youth)


Diabetes :

In collaboration with the different pediatrician conventions and the “Association Belge du Diabète” (ABD) – Belgian Diabetes Association, ForceDouce offers training with a recognized educational value.

It tries to improve the acceptation and management of the constraints linked to the disease. The expertise of ForceDouce is recognized and appreciated by the healthcare professionals:

  • Invitation  as a speaker to the « mardis de la kiné » (Tuesdays of physiotherapy) at the Erasme hospital
  • Invitation to the « Nurses’ days » (yearly meetings of nurses specialized in diabetology)
  • Proponent of physiotherapists’ thesis
  • Ex-member of the Alfediam scientific committee (French speaking association for the study of diabetes and metabolic diseases)
  • The Master thesis presented by the Director of the Association and entitled « Apports de la pratique de la voile pour adolescents diabétiques dans l’acceptation et la gestion des contraintes liées à la maladie (Aspects physique, psychologique et social)” (Inputs of sailing practice for diabetic teenagers in their acceptation and management of the constraints linked to the disease – physical, psychological and social aspects), is available on demand.
  • Invitation to the Congrès Mondial du Diabète à Dubaï (December 2011) – (World Diabetes Congres) – communication in the framework of “Program Young Leaders” and navigation organized for 40 young delegates from all over the world

Cancer pathologies :

In collaboration with the concerned service at the Children Hospital and the « Ensemble Pas à Pas » non-profit association, ForceDouce takes in charge young patients under treatment and also their siblings to make a systemic work. The association has also been asked to give the opportunity to some patients in palliative care to participate to the activities.

Mental Pathologies:

Contacts have been taken with psychiatric services and centers taking in charge young people with psychological sufferings.

Sensorial Pathologies:

ForceDouce is working with deaf people sent by IRSA (Institut Royal pour Sourds et Aveugles – Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind people). The association has developed an original communication system allowing these young people to practice sailing with other young ones, and giving them the opportunity to open up to others.

Mobility Pathologies:

ForceDouce takes in charge young people with cerebral palsy within the IRHAM (Institut Royal d’Accueil pour le Handicap Moteur – Royal Host Institute for Cerebral Palsy). Since March 2012 ForceDouce disposes of a boat (Neo495) especially adapted to this kind of handicap and will also have a manipulation system for the secure boarding of the wheel chairs to and from the boat. The WKLuM Club is equipped with an inclined plane allowing the access to its installations.

Protection of the Youth

IPPJ Saint Servais:

Since five years, ForceDouce ensures two week-ends of sailing at sea every year for girls in custodial settings. Their programme is well structured thanks to a good preparation ensured by a member of the staff of the institution who organizes navigations on Caravels on the Meuse river and soon on the Barrage – Dam – de l’Eau d’Heure (info on IPPJ)

Support to the Youth

Color’Ados :

Navigations all year through on Wednesday afternoons, and one complete week of training on board in Nieuwpoort during the summer holidays.

Dynamo :

Regular take in charge of young people issued from three activity points of Dynamo (Ixelles, Forest and Uccle)

Financial support

 Even if ForceDouce is efficient in its actions on the field, the association still is in need of financial support to guarantee the development of its activities.

ForceDouce is looking for grants, sponsors and any other support to ensure its budgets.


Subsidying authorities

For the Québec/Saint-Malo project:

  • Wallonie-Bruxelles (Minister Marcourt).

For the World Diabetes Congress in Dubai:

  • With the help of the « Commission Communautaire Française (COCOF) – Service Public Francophone Bruxellois – Services des Relations Internationales, de la Coordination du Suivi des Directives européennes et de la Communication externe » (Minister Emir Kir)


  • Abbott : For the Québec / Saint-Malo project


At the origin, ForceDouce was entirely benevolent. It has evaluated towards a more professional structure thanks to Mr Léon Loewe’s generosity. When he died, he bequeathed part of his heritage to ForceDouce through the “L’envol – ForceDouce” fund within the King Baudouin Foundation.

Thanks to this support, the association can grow and help a maximum number of young people.

You can also contribute to this “Fonds l’Envol” here.


"Repousser ses limites, sans jamais les franchir"